Friday, December 8, 2023

After Ja Morant Photos Leaked, Tyreek Hill Drops 6-Word Message of Disgust

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The Ja Morant controversy has engulfed the whole sports fraternity. After some photos of the NBA superstar leaked online, they have become a topic of hot debate on the internet. And NFL players are having their say on the matter too. After the photo leak, explosive wide receiver Tyreek Hill has dropped six words of disgust.

The fans have slammed the Memphis Grizzlies star for his behavior in the light of the recent snaps. But Hill has a message for all the fans sharing the photos.

Tyreek Hill has a six-word message


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The Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill has shared his opinion on the Ja Morant photo controversy. He has chided the fans for going too far with the photos in a six word message. Seems like he doesn’t want them to pop up on his timeline repeatedly.

“Y’all going to far with this,” Hill said in a tweet. He also shared an emoji to show his expressions.

Many fans have slammed Morant for inappropriate behavior after a strip club leaked the photos of his visit to the establishment. Fans are furious as they see stars like the Grizzlies point guard as role models for kids. So, his visit to a strip club did not sit well with the sports world.


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Although Hill surely understands the sentiments behind the backlash, he might be pointing at something else. He is of the opinion that people have gone too far with the photos. Also, it can be seen as a breach of a celebrity’s privacy. What someone does in their private time should be of no concern of anyone. But the pictures have surely hit Morant badly.

The Ja Morant controversy

It all started when the Grizzlies PG Ja Morant live streamed a video on social media. In the video, he appeared to hold a gun in a club in Glendale Colorado. The NBA outfit suspended him pending inquiry into the matter.

It got more grimy after the strip club shared some photos of Morant getting a lap dance. According to a report by the New York Post, he blew at least $50,000 in cash tips at the club.


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The whole room is full of money — it’s literally a pile. You’d need a rake,” the Post quoted a club source saying.


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While the Grizzlies conduct their investigation into the gun incident, the lap dance incident has further damaged his reputation. But is it all justified?

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