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Best March Madness Betting Sites & Sportsbook Apps 2023

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Live Betting on the NCAA Tournament/March Madness

For many bettors, one of the best ways to make lots of profit is with one of the most popular bet types. Live betting, or as some call it, in-game betting, is when games are being played, and users are wagering as the game is going on. Often, especially in the NCAA Tournament, favorites will get down early then the spread or moneyline is no longer in their favor. Now is a bettors chance to get a star-studded team like Gonzaga or the Kansas Jayhawks with plus odds.

Live betting will be available from the first four games to the sweet 16 all the way to the final four to the championship game for college basketball games. When you think a team is going to win but is down early, sometimes even just by a few points, that is the time to throw some money down.

There are a lot of bet types you can place live as well, they will vary by operator, but some include:

  • Parlays

  • Point Spread Bets

  • Moneyline Bets

  • Play Props

Regardless of what round it is, live betting moves quickly as oddsmakers all over the country are updating their list of games very quickly. Bettors have to make sure they are getting wagering done quickly, so they do not miss their bet on the team they want to get better odds on. The March Madness action is very fast, so to get the best outcome, make sure you are paying attention to constantly updating lines.

Best March Madness Odds

The sportsbook we recommend to you at WSN are the best sports betting operators in the world. It does not matter if it is the NFL, NHL, college sports, or any other sporting events. Our sportsbook partners have the best odds available anywhere. So if you want to be the talk of the office around the water cooler, use WSN Recommended Sportsbooks.

Trustworthy & Safe

It is crucial when making your selection for your sportsbook that it is reputable and safe. To ensure you never have issues with your personal information or when making deposits or withdrawals that, the company you bet with is licensed within the United States to ensure your security. 

Many overseas bookmakers may look enticing. Unfortunately, while they appear like a solid brand, limited banking options, slow payouts, and other issues are common.

Best Offers and Promotions

All WSN-recommended sportsbooks are top of the market when it comes to promotions, bonuses, or even a casino bonus. That to go along with having either a good loyalty program or go rewards program.

States Where Sports Bettors Can Bet on the NCAA Tournament & March Madness

There are three categories of places of states for sports betting. There are states where online and retail betting is legal, states where sports betting is only legal at in-person venues like casinos, and states where no sports betting is legal.

Online Legal Sports Betting

There is currently 26 states where sports betting online is legal. Some states have minor restrictions, like no betting on in-state teams or no prop bets allowed.

Legal Online & Retail States for Sports Gambling

Retail Legal Sports Betting

There are currently eight states where sports betting is legal but only at retail venues. Many of those states have tribal casinos where sports bettors can go to place their wagers and one of the great things about in-person betting is payout speeds. Most of the time a bettor can cash out in person right away. 

Retail only States for Sports Gambling

No Legal Sports Betting

There are currently 17 states where no sports betting is legal. 

No Legal Online or Retail States for Sports Gambling

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