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CALL. Are you rooting for the Netherlands soon? We are looking for Limburg (super) fans of Joost Klein – Breaking Latest News



Joost Klein has done it: unlike our Belgian Mustii, the Dutchman will go to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. Klein also animated the press conference afterwards, De Telegraaf noted in the video above. It was striking how Klein briefly intervened during a question to Eden Golan of Israel.

The Israeli singer was asked about what is happening between her country and Palestine at the moment. A Polish journalist asked her whether she is aware that Golan realizes that she is endangering the audience and other participants with her presence at the festival.

“You shouldn’t answer that,” the interview supervisor said, after which Joost Klein intervened and wondered out loud “why not?”. Despite the words of the supervisor and her press representative, Golan took the microphone.

Israel’s participation is causing a lot of controversy. There were protests throughout the day from pro-Palestinian movements moving through Malmö. Flags also appeared at the Arena itself just before the show.

Fingers crossed for the Netherlands?

The semi-final was therefore not a great success for Mustii. Pushing through was not an option for our compatriot, which means that many Belgians will soon support Joost Klein in the final. Are you a big fan of the singer and are you also rooting for the Netherlands? Let us know below.

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