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Chris Mack to ‘look at options’ in potential return to coaching basketball

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Former Louisville head coach Chris Mack has been out of college basketball for two years but could return to the profession.

Mack said he would look at options and see if there was a good fit for him in some capacity. He was unceremoniously fired from the Cardinals in January of 2022 following violations of school guidelines while dealing with former assistant Dino Gaudio and extortion attempts. 

He’s had success in the past and he could find his way back to the court.

“For the first time since the whole Louisville time, I’m gonna sort of look at the options and see what’s out there and see if it’s a good fit,” Mack said, via Joe Danneman of FOX 19. “And if it is, then it’s probably something that I’ll end up jumping back into, but it has to be the right fit. I’ve learned a lot over the two head coaching jobs that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. So, you know, we’ll see.”

Mack went 63-36 at Louisville in three-plus seasons, including an NCAA Tournament appearance in his first campaign (2018-19). He was asked why this would be an opportune time to return to coaching.

“It’s a lot different when both of your girls are out of the house, you know, and not that I don’t love my wife, but you know, I need a purpose,” Mack said. “You know, more than just sort of working out and hanging out with my son. And, you know, I miss it. There’s some things I really miss about the game, about being a part of the team day in and day out. 

“So I’ve really enjoyed the time away. I think I’ve learned a whole lot, studied a lot of basketball. And so, again, we’ll see. It may not happen, but we’ll see.”

Mack was the head coach at Xavier from 2009-18 before taking over the Cardinals job. He went 215-97 during his time with the Musketeers. He led the team to eight NCAA Tournament appearances in nine seasons and won two Atlantic 10 titles and one Big East regular season title.

His furthest run at NCAAs was an Elite Eight appearance back in 2017. Mack was a high school coach from 1993-99 before joining Xavier as an assistant. He left for Wake Forest in 2001 before returning to the school in 2004.

Mack began his head coach tenure in 2009 and worked until 2022. But, it seems like he’ll make every attempt to get a new gig.

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