Friday, December 8, 2023

Geography with Goudge: Men’s Basketball AP Top 25 Rankings, 2019-2023

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(KMAland) — Dr. Ted Goudge, a Shenandoah native and Associate Professor of Geography at Northwest Missouri State University, has released his latest geography map.

March Madness is upon us. This proportional symbol map displays the NCAA Div. I Basketball teams that have amassed the highest AP Top 25 Rankings over the past five years. The maximum points possible would be a #1 ranking for each of the five years garnering 25 pts X 5 years or 125 pts. The largest symbols include Gonzaga (113 pts), Kansas (95), Baylor (83), Houston (74), Duke (62), Kentucky (59), Virginia (57), Purdue (56), Villanova (51), and Tennessee (50).  These programs (with the exception of Gonzaga) tend to lie within the eastern half of the country.  Good Luck with your brackets!

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