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“Incredibly Disrespectful”: Heated Dennis Rodman -Draymond Green Debate Flushes Out Baffling Takes from NBA World

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Strong offense and defense make a quality basketball team. Scoring kings like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry take the limelight with their unbelievable abilities on the offensive side of the court. These stars often overshadowed the efforts of defenders. However, several defenders have made their mark with their sheer dominance on the hardwood. Notably, Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman is arguably one of the greatest defenders ever. Recently, an online comparison of Rodman with Draymond Green left NBA fans unsettled.

Once a part of the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons, Rodman built a reputation for his aggressive gameplay and rebounding skills. The 5x NBA Champion played a huge role in the Bulls’ second three-peat. Additionally, he garnered a massive fan following with his flamboyant lifestyle. On the other hand, Golden State Warriors star Green played a similar role in the Dubs’ championship runs. 

Is Draymond Green a better player than The Worm?


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Fans consider the defending champions as one of the best teams in the league. The Dubs have won four championships in the last eight years. As is often the case, fans can’t help but compare every great team to the iconic Bulls team of the 90s. Amid this comparison, NBA fans also compare The Worm to current powerful defenders.

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Moreover, Draymond Green and Rodman have had many comparisons over the years because of their similar playing style. They are known for an aggressive brand of defense and often tried to get into their opponents’ heads. However, a recent Twitter comparison between the duo irked backlash for the Dubs star.

The fans swarmed the comments section with their opinions and most of them took the Worm’s side. One user said, “Incredibly disrespectful to Rodman.” Following are some reactions from NBA Twitter.


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Statistically, Green surpassed Rodman with 756 blocks in his 11-year-long career with 45 blocks in the current season. While Rodman had 531 blocks in 14 seasons.

Dennis Rodman on Green’s skills

While fans continue to debate, Rodman once praised Green for his defensive abilities. When asked about the current players who matched his defensive ability, he answered Green. He said, “Draymond Green is something sort of like that. But besides him, I don’t see other players who have that passion, who have that love, that drive, they need basketball. No money, no fame.” However, it’s always unfair to compare basketball players from eras, as the dynamics of the game keep evolving.


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