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LeBron James vs. Floyd Mayweather: Boxing’s World Champion Picks NBA Star to Win in a Street Fight

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Mark Phillips, the YouTuber, questioned Tszyu’s opinion further. Tszyu elaborates, highlighting Mayweather’s vulnerability in close-quarters combat, asserting, “He’s not good attacking in close.” Ultimately, Tszyu declares, “I give it to LeBron.”

When pressed about a hypothetical matchup against LeBron, Tszyu confidently asserts, “I’m coming for that, man.” The conversation delves into Mayweather’s capabilities, with Tszyu dismissing the idea, stating, “He’s too small.” The debate continues, exploring LeBron’s resilience to Mayweather’s punches, with Tszyu affirming, “Yeah, LeBron can. He’s a big boy, man.”

However, Tszyu displays unwavering confidence in his own abilities, stating, “LeBron won’t be able to take one from me.” The speculation over this fictional bout keeps fans intrigued, imagining the clash between the boxing maestro and the NBA powerhouse. Interestingly, he is now looking to return to the ring soon, though Tszyu’s next fight against Keith Thurman has faced an unforeseen update.

Tim Tszyu vs Keith Thurman won’t be for the title

In a groundbreaking announcement, the PBC revealed a dazzling fight card for the inaugural Amazon Prime pay-per-view event on March 30 in Las Vegas. Headlining the spectacle is the clash between WBO light-middleweight champion Tim Tszyu and former titleholder Keith Thurman.

Transitioning to the co-main event, WBA super lightweight champion Rolando Romero will engage in a thrilling bout with the emerging Isaac Cruz.  However, an unexpected twist emerges in the lead-up to these exciting matchups. While both fights are set to unfold in Las Vegas, only one will feature a championship title. The Tszyu vs. Thurman bout, originally slated for the light-middleweight division, will now transpire at a 155-pound catchweight.

This shift has significant implications as the Australian WBO championship won’t be up for grabs. The WBO’s decision to withhold sanctioning for the title bout, as reported by ESPN Ringside’s Mike Coppinger, stems from Thurman’s welterweight status and inactivity since 2022.

Despite the absence of a title on the line, the catchweight clash between Tszyu and Thurman promises an exhilarating showdown. PBC’s commitment to proceeding with the bout underscores the belief in the matchup’s inherent excitement, even without championship stakes.

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