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The Marsh One-Day Cup is set for a grandstand finish with more than half the competition still alive heading into the final day of the regular season

With one round remaining of the Marsh One-Day Cup, both top two spots, and ultimately a spot in the final, are still up for grabs.  

All three matches will be played simultaneously on February 14; a wicked Wednesday of domestic cricket action that will be available live and free on and the CA Live app.  

With four points on offer for a win and the opportunity for a bonus point too, each team in spots one through four on the table are all still in the mix for the final on February 25. 

The two bottom placed sides, Queensland and South Australia, play each other in a dead rubber with the Redbacks resigned to finishing in last spot.  

Marsh Cup 2023-24 standings


Matches played








No results


Net Run Rate




Batting Bonus


Total points



Victoria Men
6 5 1 0 0 0.303 0 1 21
6 4 2 0 0 0.332 0 2 18
Western Australia Men
Western Australia Men
6 4 2 0 0 0.442 0 1 17
Tasmanian Tigers Men
Tasmanian Tigers Men
6 3 3 0 0 -0.045 0 1 13
Queensland Bulls
Queensland Bulls
6 1 4 0 1 -0.738 0 1 7
South Australia Redbacks
South Australia Redbacks
6 0 5 0 1 -0.56 1 0 1

M: Matches played

W: Wins

L: Losses

T: Ties

N/R: No results

NRR: Net Run Rate

Ded.: Deductions

Bat: Batting Bonus

PTS: Total points

1. Victoria (21 points)

Played 6 | Won 5 | Lost 1 | NRR 0.303 | Bonus points: 1 

The remaining match 

February 14 v New South Wales at North Sydney Oval 

The equation 

Victoria hold a three-point lead at the top of the Marsh Cup table but aren’t guaranteed to feature in the final if they lose their remaining match to New South Wales. A loss to the Blues would open the door for Western Australia, who could leapfrog the Vics with a win over Tasmania because of their higher net run rate, which is the tiebreaker in the event of even points.  

Of course, a Victoria win would see the Vics host the final.  

The other situation is a Victoria loss and a WA loss, which would see New South Wales host the Vics in the decider. 

2. New South Wales (18 points)

Played 6 | Won 4 | Lost 2 | NRR 0.332 | Bonus points: 2 

The remaining match 

February 14 v Victoria at North Sydney Oval 

The equation 

Win and New South Wales will host the Marsh Cup final, lose and it gets a bit trickier.  

In the event of a loss, they could still conceivably still make the final if Tasmania win and don’t claim a bonus point. But they will certainly miss out if Western Australia get the job done over the Tigers. 

3. Western Australia (17 points)

Played 6 | Won 4 | Lost 2 | NRR 0.442 | Bonus points: 1 

The remaining match 

February 14 v Tasmania at Blundstone Arena 

The equation 

Although sitting in third position, WA are in the fortune position of having the top two teams play each other in the final round keeping multiple avenues open to qualify.  

A win for WA over Tasmania will secure them second spot, because the reigning champions have the best net run rate in the competition.  

Top spot is still a very slim possibility too – they would need a bonus-point victory and hope NSW win without one.  

A loss, naturally, ends their season and extinguishes any hope of a three-peat. 

4. Tasmania (13 points)

Played 6 | Won 3 | Lost 3 | NRR -0.045 | Bonus points: 1 

The remaining match 

February 14 v Western Australia at Blundstone Arena 

The equation 

Sitting pretty on top of the Marsh Sheffield Shield, Tasmania haven’t been quite as dominant in the Marsh Cup. However, if results go in exactly the right way, they could still appear in February 25’s final.  

Firstly, they need Victoria to win and win big, so that New South Wales’ net run rate drops significantly.  

Then, they need to record a bonus-point victory over Western Australia, taking them to 18 points, with a vastly improved net run rate. That would tie them with New South Wales on points, with the last spot in the final decided by whichever net run rate is better.  

Any other result for Tasmania sees them miss the decider.  

Knocked out: Queensland, South Australia 

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