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McClure-Tart Capture Vineyard Golf Super Bowl Tournament –

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On a perfect day for golf 52 two-man teams showed up at Vineyard Golf at White Lake on Saturday to compete in the Super Bowl tournament. All ties were decided by a scorecard playoff. The results were:

Flight 1 (blue tees): First Place, Mac McClure and Brian Tart 63, Second Place, Steve and Cade Hancock 63, Third Place, Luke Gooden and Carlton Floyd 64.

Flight 2 (blue tees): First Place, Walton Fisher and Lucas Hardee 68, Second Place, Bobby Davis and George Boussias 68, Third Place, Billy Cole and Frank Zonoski 69.

Flight 3 (white tees): First Place, Tule Lewis and Emmett Herring 67, Second Place, Jerry Tysinger, Colby Stottielben 68, Third Place, Steven Wood and Ryan Hunt 69.

Flight 4 (white tees): First Place, Billy Augustine and Cullen Swim 77, Second Place, Jason Sikoln and Brian Schilcott 77, Third Place Scott Jedeny and Andrew Neylon 79.

Flight 5 (white/gold tees): First Place, Steve Campbell and Billy McGavock 65. Second Place, Ryan Skipper and Robbie Swinson 68, Third Place, Ken Comefold and Ron Pasani 69.

Flight 6 (white/red tees): First Place, Kent Fisher and Pam Davis Taylor 67. Second Place, Malcolm Lear and Dennis Hart 72. Third Place, Steve and Ben Caldwell 75.

Vineyard Golf owners Patricia and Billy Augustine stated “We appreciate such a large crowd showing up for our Super Bowl Tournament. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to seeing them back at Vineyard Golf At White Lake.”

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