Friday, December 8, 2023

Milwaukee Bucks vs Washington Wizards in NBA (142-129) | 11/20/2023

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9:21 PM3 hours ago

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9:20 PM3 hours ago

Bucks score fewer points in this set, shoot 55% to keep winning

9:09 PM4 hours ago

Beasley puts Bucks back up 10

9:02 PM4 hours ago

Khris Middleton converts 2 of 2 pound spears

8:42 PM4 hours ago

Wizards keep up the pressure to close the gap, which remains the same

8:34 PM4 hours ago

Bucks call timeout after Wizards close the gap to four, thanks to Kuzma

8:25 PM4 hours ago

Tyus Jones and Gafford score to keep the Wizards alive in the game, as the difference is small at six

8:03 PM5 hours ago

Antetokounmpo scores a dunk, keeping the Bucks in the lead – by six

7:53 PM5 hours ago

Winning by eight, the Bucks have a better shooting percentage, 60% against 46.3% for the Wizards

7:45 PM5 hours ago

Antetokounmpo dished out two assists as well as leaving four points, extending the visitors’ lead

7:32 PM5 hours ago

AJ Green takes a pass from Antetokounmpo to make it 26-21

7:24 PM5 hours ago

Bucks don’t feel the pressure and manage to turn the game around with Lillard’s tray

7:18 PM5 hours ago

Wizards start scoring with Kuzma’s hook and are gaining ground to open up an eight-point gap

6:54 PM6 hours ago

Delon Wright, with a knee injury that will keep him out for 4 to 6 weeks

6:49 PM6 hours ago

The Bucks were without MarJon Beauchamp, Khris Middleton and Chris Livingston on Saturday, as well as Jae Crowder, who will be out for at least eight weeks due to an abdominal rupture. Middleton (knee) is expected to play on Monday, while Beauchamp (ankle) and Livingston (ankle) have been ruled out

6:44 PM6 hours ago

“I like the fact that they’re competing, the ball just isn’t bouncing in our direction. It adds to the frustration. I had to help try to figure out a way to get something easy, get easier looks for our guys.”

6:39 PM6 hours ago

“We’re building something special, you can feel it. I thought it was a great character game. Consecutive, with few players. Everyone came together”.

6:34 PM6 hours ago

Let’s start another live broadcast of the NBA, the world’s most famous basketball league

5:49 PM7 hours ago

Milwaukee Bucks vs Washington Wizards live this Monday (20), at the Capital One Arena at 7 pm ET, for the NBA.

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