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Netherlands, UNICEF sign $4 million agreement to support vulnerable children in Libya



The Dutch government and UNICEF in Libya have signed a $4 million agreement to protect the most vulnerable children in Libya and provide them with a safe environment.

UNICEF said the agreement is part of the Dutch government’s policy aimed at supporting the most needy children, including migrants and internally displaced individuals who are more susceptible to all forms of violence, exploitation, and abuse.

The organization highlighted that the Dutch government’s support will enable UNICEF to provide services and strengthen institutional capacities in Libya over the next three years.

Michele Servadei, UNICEF’s representative in Libya, said the Dutch’s support would enable the organization, in cooperation with the Libyan authorities, to create a more protective and inclusive environment for all children, regardless of their identity, status, or location.

Meanwhile, Joost Klarenbeek, the Dutch Ambassador to Libya, expressed the Netherlands’ pleasure in partnering with UNICEF in Libya.

“We hope this program will bring hope to many of the most needy children in Libya by working with the Libyan government and civil society organizations, allowing UNICEF to ensure a future where every child can thrive in a safe and protected environment, irrespective of their background or situation,” the ambassador stated.

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