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Planning & Zoning Board Approves Townhomes for Former Golf Course

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In a unanimous 3-0 decision, the City’s Planning and Zoning
(P&Z) Board approved plans for 132 three-bedroom townhomes on the former 21-acre
Executive Golf Course at 7870 Margate Boulevard. The decision for
Springdale Homes, aka, Nove of Margate, comes on both the heels of approval by
the City’s Development Review Committee
(DRC) in September and outcry
by residents
who have objected to housing for more than four years.


Measures approved
by P&Z
earlier in the month include a Land Use Plan Amendment to
increase density from 7.6 housing units per acre to 8.4, along with a rezoning of the
property from recreational to residential. From here, the LUPA goes before state
and county agencies for review.

“The LUPA has a long road ahead,” Margate Senior Planner,
Andrew Pinney told P&Z.

While the golf course officially closed in 2021, housing was
proposed for the land in 2019, when home builders Lennar proposed 180 townhomes
for the property. Blowback from an organization
called Keep Margate Green
encouraged Lennar to pull out. At the
time, burrowing owls on the land was a
major concern for residents
, along with noise and traffic.

Four years later, Keep Margate Green shows resolve. They
attended the P&Z meeting in mass and shared objections with Board members. The
group will have additional opportunities to be heard by the Broward Planning
Council and County Commission when the LUPA is up for review, as well as by the
Margate City Commission when rezoning of the former golf course is heard by the

According to DRC, the project meets all water/wastewater and
drainage requirements, and once homes are occupied will not have a significant impact on traffic,
schools, noise, or parks. An economic impact study conducted by Econsult
Solutions, Inc. shows that the development will generate property tax revenues
between $592,717 to $825,033 compared to the $1,155 the property does now.

Approval by DRC and P&Z signals that Springdale Homes is
consistent with Margate’s Comprehensive Plan.


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