Friday, December 8, 2023

Shaquille O’Neal Would Like To Be Involved With NBA Expansion In Las Vegas

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Shaquille O’Neal was a co-host for a pre-race party ahead of the F1 event in Las Vegas. Of course, the topic of discussion inevitably turned to NBA expansion and the potential for a team in Las Vegas.

O’Neal said he’d love to be involved with bringing a team to the city. He’s even open to the idea of working with LeBron James to make it happen.

“If there’s ever an NBA team that’s going to come here, I would definitely like to be involved,” O’Neal said.  “With LeBron, without LeBron, I just want to be involved.”

O’Neal also said he wouldn’t be a part owner in name only. He’d want to be actively involved in the franchise. That’s why he wouldn’t get involved with the A’s when the Major League Baseball team relocates to Las Vegas.

“Not baseball,” O’Neal said. “Football maybe, basketball definitely but not baseball. I want to be involved. There are two types of owners. There’s the owner that just has the bragging rights and I’m the partial owner and there’s guys that like to make decisions. I, at some point, would like to be in on the decision-making process.”

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