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The March 2024 Covers of Vogue Netherlands are Dedicated to the Four Fashion Capitals



We don’t sleep on Vogue Netherlands here at theFashionSpot. After all, the magazine has demonstrated it’s more than capable of creating captivating and downright stunning covers. For March 2024, Dutch Vogue is dedicating its latest to the four fashion capitals: London, Milan, Paris and New York. Across four celebratory covers, four models pose for photographer Jorin Koers. Cover one shows Jean Campbell hanging out of a black cab on a rainy London day wearing a Burberry trench. Maty Fall walks the streets of Milan in cover two, sporting Sabato De Sarno‘s debut Gucci collection while Annemary Aderibigbe poses on cover three under the clear blue skies of Paris, dressed in Louis Vuitton. A Calvin Klein-clad Mathilda Gvarliani takes New York in the fourth and final cover.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Takes me back to [Emmanuelle] Alt’s world tour with Rianne van Rompaey! Oh, what a time! The London cover with Jean works best for me, I could’ve done without the rest,” voiced aracic.

“Love Jean’s cover!” exclaimed justaguy in complete agreement.

Lax89 agreed, commenting: “Jean’s cover is definitely my favorite. What a beauty! Milan and New York are boring and bring nothing. Paris is quite nice; I just don’t like where they shot it.”

“I’m with you!” replied vogue28. “The Paris cover really could’ve been shot anywhere… would’ve much preferred a more recognizable Paris landmark in the background. Jean Campbell’s cover is most definitely the standout here, purely because it feels like quintessential London – even down to the rain droplets on the roof of the black cab.

“All the covers except Milan’s are great for me and probably would be the winner, if it wasn’t to being compared to that fabulous London cover,” shared VogueDisciple93.

Which cover do you prefer? Share your own thoughts on Vogue Netherlands’ March 2024 covers, here.

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