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Westerlo being investigated for lack of fair play and match fixing after draw with Genk



The final minutes of Westerlo against Genk on Sunday afternoon were, for lack of a better word, a complete sham. With both sides benefiting from a draw, the game was allowed to peter out in a very obvious fashion. The final minutes saw Westerlo allowing Genk, who were down to 10-men, to just pass the ball around at the back under absolute no pressure. Players were already shacking hands with a minute left. The result meant Westerlo survived, while Genk made it into the top six.

This certainly did not impress others who were reliant on results. Gent won 5-0, but after the draw in Westerlo were unable to make it into the top six, something that was a source of frustration for Buffaloes head coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck. Now, as many are reporting, the home side are being investigated by the Federal Public Prosecutor for sanctions related to lack of fair play and even match fixing.

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