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“You are two months older than I am” – Dutch Mantell issues explosive response to Ric Flair’s tweet about him (Exclusive)

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All isn’t well between Ric Flair and Dutch Mantell, as the Nature Boy recently fired off a scathing tweet directed at the former WWE manager. Dutch responded to Flair’s comments on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk and, as expected, pulled no punches while taking multiple shots at the WWE Hall of Famer.

The apparent heat between Ric Flair and Dutch Mantell stems from the latter’s comments about the former WWE Champion’s “Last Match.” Ric Flair didn’t take too kindly to Mantell’s criticism and put out a somewhat controversial tweet in which he accused Dutch of not having a legacy in pro wrestling.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Mantell was more animated than usual this week on Smack Talk as he initially reacted sarcastically to Flair’s tweet. Dutch Mantell came prepared with answers for almost every point Flair had to make, and he even mocked the 16-time world champion multiple times by replicating his iconic “Woo” catchphrase.

You just can’t miss Mantell’s epic response to Flair on Sportskeeda’s YouTube channel, as you can view below:

“He actually sent me a tweet today. He said I made you more famous with one tweet, and you’ll ever be. Thank you, Ric. Please, send out another tweet. I want as many tweets as you can send out with my name in them because you did me a favor. I’d say that. He called me an old something, a crippled old man. I’ll give you one; I am old. I remember him telling the fans to kiss his a**. I remember that. I’ll give you one thing, Ric. I’m old, but you are too. You are two months older than I am, so you can’t blame it on that. But I think my name today should have been trending on Twitter, and if it’s not, I’d be surprised.”

Dutch Mantell hilariously even claimed that he was unhappy about Ric Flair not tagging his Twitter handle despite calling him out:

He added:

“He didn’t tweet me; somebody forwarded it to me. He didn’t even put my name in it. Now, that’s disrespectful. If someone talks about you bad and you’re going to send something about it, at least tag me in it. He didn’t tag me in it!”

Dutch Mantell says 90% of the fans agree with his statement about Ric Flair’s Last Match

Thank God They Used The Word Veteran & Didn’t Call You A Legend. Just A Miserable Old Wrestler Trying To Make A Buck. And BTW, You Never Had A Legacy To Begin With. WOOOOO!

Unsurprisingly enough, Dutch Mantell’s phone began to blow up with DMs after Ric Flair’s post, and he revealed that most fans seemed to be in his favor.

Mantell felt he was stating nothing but the facts about Flair’s underwhelming retirement match, a notion that many members of the wrestling community also believe to be true.

The former Zeb Colter declared that he would be ready to debate with Ric Flair at any time and claimed that, in the end, it all comes down to how wrestling fans perceive opinions.

“I didn’t start hearing about this until 5′ O clock, I guess. And then, from there on out, I’ve been covered up in DMs, private messages, and texts. But out of 100% of them, if I could just, 90% kind of agreed with me,” continued Mantell. “When you tell the truth, and he responds in such a way, there must be something to it. All I’m saying is he is ungrateful. Now, he might go back, and he might think about it again and say yeah, let it go. But if he doesn’t, hey, I’ll debate him anytime. It’s not up to me; it’s up to the fans and how they perceive it.”

Whose side are you on in the real-life beef between Flair and Mantell? Sound off in the comments section below.

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