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June temperatures unlikely to rise above 25 degrees in the Netherlands



The summer is here, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the weather outside! Forecasters predict that the rest of June will be wet, grey and chilly, with only a 30 percent chance that the mercury will rise above 25 degrees celsius. 

Cloud cover and showers forecast for the weeks ahead

Experts say that rain and clouds will characterise the Dutch weather in the coming weeks. Highs will range between 17 and 20 degrees, with temperatures hitting as high as 22 degrees on June 16. 

Next week will see temperatures rise slightly higher than the cool weather the country has seen this week. Southwesterly winds will bring warmer temperatures across the country, though the rain is set to persist for the time being. 

More sunshine is likely from the end of next week

It’s not quite all doom and gloom though. For those of us who are tired of the overcast weather and the grey skies of the past few weeks, there could be some welcome sunshine later next week. 

“From the second half of next week, there will be more daily sun, the chance of daily precipitation will decrease to 50-60 percent, and the chance of summer maximum temperatures is approximately 30 percent,” the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute stated in its forecast for the following week. Usually, for the summer season, the Netherlands sees highs of between 25 and 29 degrees.

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