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Dutch-based Anywhere365 acquires Amsterdam’s Deepdesk to strengthen market position with latter’s AI assistant tech | Silicon Canals



Rotterdam-based Anywhere365, a SaaS Enterprise Dialogue Management software provider, announced that it has acquired Amsterdam’s Deepdesk BV, an AI Assistant technology provider.

Deepdesk’s AIx solution enhances customer experience using proprietary and generative AI models. According to Anywhere365, this move strengthens its market position by integrating Deepdesk’s Intelligent AI Assistant technology.

Enrico Karsten, CEO of Anywhere365, says, “We have been impressed by Deepdesk’s market-leading GenAI technology, as well as their outstanding commercial traction evidenced by winning blue-chip enterprise clients.”

“Deepdesk has historically been a key partner of Anywhere365 and the technology is already integrated into our Dialogue Cloud offering. Bringing Deepdesk entirely into the Anywhere365 family will enable even stronger integrations and co-development, resulting in a superior value proposition for our customers enhanced by GenAI.”

“We look forward to welcoming the Deepdesk team and working in partnership to further accelerate the growth of the group,” adds Karsten.

Brief about Deepdesk

Founded in 2019 by Robbert Dijkstra, Lukas Batteau and Geert Jonker, Deepdesk focuses on developing AI technology with the goal not to replace people but to assist them. It aims to alleviate the monotony of jobs by eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing the time spent on information searches.

– A message from our partner –

The company directs its attention to empowering dialogues within companies and the Contact Center space. 

Specifically, the technology aids contact center agents in voice and digital channels, reducing the time spent searching for optimal responses to customer queries and minimising typing time. This approach contributes to higher customer satisfaction scores.

Aim of the acquisition

Deepdesk’s AIx enhances real-time interactions for customer support, a strategic addition that propels Anywhere365 towards AI-driven excellence in omnichannel communication.

Anywhere365 aims to transform customer experiences, leveraging the Intelligent AI Assistant to streamline support and enhance dialogues across functions.

Deepdesk’s co-founders, along with their team, will establish an AI innovation hub at Anywhere365. This addition aims to enhance Anywhere365’s Dialogue Cloud, providing AI value to customers and reinforcing sales, product development, and support capabilities. 

Anywhere365 is set to expand its country-specific business units, ensuring local presence in key regions such as the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Singapore.

Dijkstra says, “After having the opportunity to work with Anywhere365 as a partner and seeing how our technologies aligned to offer a full suite of CX technologies, it was an easy choice for Deepdesk to become part of the Anywhere365 family.”

“Joining Anywhere365 will enable us to focus on what we do best: develop innovative and industry-leading AI solutions in the customer experience space. We look forward to further integrating this technology into the Anywhere365 platform to add even more value for all our customers.”

“As a new part of the Anywhere365 family, we are excited to grow together and be part of a team that is providing a global, best-in-class Customer Experience technology,” adds Dijkstra.

Brief about Anywhere365

Founded in 2019, Anywhere365 offers Enterprise Dialogue Management solutions, specialising in Cloud Contact Center services. 

The company’s products, integrated with Microsoft Teams, Azure, and major CRM platforms, empower organisations by enhancing customer interactions and optimising internal communication flows. 

Currently, Anywhere365 has 2,000 global customers, ranging from mid-sized to large enterprises.

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