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Dutch cargo bike firm Babboe recalls 22,000 cycles over safety fears



The Dutch cargo bike firm Babboe is recalling 22,000 of its popular cycles over safety fears, about one-third of its bikes on the road.

Babboe had already announced a recall of two models in February but said a further five models were a concern.

“In total, in all countries where Babboe is sold, approximately 22,000 cargo bikes are being recalled and replaced,” the company said.

The first cargo bikes will be collected in the Netherlands and Germany in mid-April, with other countries following afterwards.

“All owners of these models will be offered a new (cargo) bike,” Babboe said.

Cargo bikes, or “bakfiets” in Dutch, feature a large wooden crate at the front to transport children – or dogs – and are ubiquitous in the Netherlands.

“The majority of our customers can get back on the road after an inspection/repair,” Gerard Feenema, the director of Babboe, said in a statement.

“We understand that this is annoying for our customers, and have therefore done our best to find a suitable solution and compensate them,” he added. “Our goal is to get everyone back on the road safely.”

In February, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority concluded there were “defects in the frame and/or other parts” on some Babboe bikes that could lead to “serious injury”.

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