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Dutch chain opening first store in Portugal



Action, a Dutch retailer known for its low prices, will open its first store in Portugal on February 29th at Focus Park, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and will then move forward with the opening of other stores nationwide. 

The brand has more than 2,250 stores in 11 countries, employs more than 60 thousand people and earns 8.9 billion euros, according to a report by ECO.

Action started 30 years ago with a small store in Enkhuizen, in the Netherlands and says it is currently the “fastest growing non-food discount store in Europe“, with more than 2,250 stores distributed across eleven European countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the Netherlands).

“In addition to the comprehensiveness of the offer, what distinguishes Action are good quality products at the lowest prices that the customer can find on the market. Action is committed to delivering “Small prices. Big Smiles”, states the Dutch brand.

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