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Dutch Crown Princess Amalia fled to Spain over kidnap fears



NOS said the princess moved to the Spanish capital instead. Amalia speaks fluent Spanish and her mother Queen Maxima, 52, was born and grew up in Argentina.

The threat to Amalia had not disappeared but she was able to live and study in the Netherlands again, thanks to unspecified “measures”, NOS said.

She is reportedly now living in Amsterdam.

In February, she spoke publicly about the threats for the first time. “I miss normal life, the life of a student. Walking the streets, going to a store,” she said.

On Wednesday, Amalia will for the first time play an official role in the two-day state visit of the Spanish royals.

King Willem-Alexander has said the situation “had a very hard impact” on his family. “The uncertainty, the lack of freedom, that is not how you want to raise your children,” he said, adding he was proud of Amalia’s resilience.

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