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Dutch politicians agree to gambling tax rise plan



The four main political parties in the Netherlands have agreed to raise the gambling tax rate to 37.8 per cent.

The increase, which would see the tax rise from its current rate of 30.5 per cent, is slated to bring in an extra €202m to government coffers, as reported by CasinoNieuws.

The agreement was ratified at 11:40pm on Wednesday, the source said, with the approval of the VVD party.

The wide-ranging budgetary document, whose topics also include asylum and fishing, is titled Hope, Courage and Pride and was reportedly handed over to House Speaker Bosma shortly after 2am.

It was due to be presented on Thursday.

The discussions around Netherlands’ gambling tax come amid debate about a potential ban on some online casino products and a blanket ban on gambling advertising, upgrading current advertising restrictions enforced last July.

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