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Europe’s cheaper alternative to Amsterdam without the tourist crowds



Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading city break destinations. If you’re dreaming of cycling from attraction to attraction with a bunch of tulips in your basket, there’s probably no better destination.

But the Dutch capital has become increasingly crowded in recent years and according to some reports, there are 12 times as many tourists as residents in the city.

Amsterdam has taken some measures to combat the number of visitors, the most recent of which is a quiz asking Britons if they plan on taking cocaine or drinking in the street while there. While the city is primarily targeting stag parties and groups bent on hedonism, its pricey tourist tax could also serve to deter other visitors.

Luckily, there are several great alternatives to Amsterdam and one of them is also a vibrant city in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is on the country’s northern coast and it’s one of Europe’s most exciting city destinations. As an added bonus, the port city is also cheaper than Amsterdam for accommodation.

The Netherlands’ second largest city, Rotterdam was rebuilt after the Second World War when much of the city was destroyed. Nowadays, it’s one of Europe’s coolest modern cities.

Check out the views from Euromast, marvel at the city’s incredible cube houses or spend the afternoon at the quirky Dutch Pinball museum.

One of Rotterdam’s top attractions is the elegantly designed Markthal which has an incredible range of food stalls.

During spring and summer, the city’s green spaces come alive. Wander between the harbours at Dakpark or check out the organic farm at Kralingse Bos.

While Rotterdam isn’t as pretty as Amsterdam, it’s under 15 minutes on the train to Delft, one of the Netherlands’ lesser-known canal cities.

Famed for its pretty blue and white pottery, the city is the ideal spot to get that canal sunset photo without battling the crowds of Amsterdam.

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