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Eurovision 2024 results: Nemo from Switzerland is the winner | Voting, winning song and how did Israel do?



Understanding the controversy surrounding Isreal´s participation in Eurovision this year. 

Despite not officially being a European nation, the Middle Eastern country has won Eurovision four times, most recently in 2018. However, there has long been plenty of friction surrounding their participation in the 2024 event, with their song entry rejected by contest organisers on two occasions for being “too political”.

Their first proposal, named “October Rain,” was barred by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), who considered that it had obvious political connotations, with the lyrics seemingly referring to an attack carried out by Hamas, the Palestinian political and military movement, in southern Israel last October.

After that track was turned down by the EBU, “Dance Forever” was then put forward as an alternate but was also turned down for similar reasons.

In order for Israel not to be disqualified from the contest, president Isaac Herzog intervened and pushed for “October Rain” to be reworked, with “Hurricane” using the same melody but with new lyrics and a new title. Read more. 

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