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NOGA Issues Press Release in Response to Dutch Parliament’s Decision on Gambling Advertisement Ban



In a recent press release, the Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA) expressed significant concerns over the Dutch parliament’s decision to ban advertising for online gambling and potentially the offering of online slots. This move by the House of Representatives has been labeled as “thoughtless and irresponsible” by the trade association, which represents online gambling providers in the Netherlands.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, director of NOGA, urgently appealed to Minister Weerwind for Legal Protection to reconsider the motion that seeks to prohibit online advertising for online gambling. “The Chamber is trying to force a decision based on incorrect figures, assumptions, and unrealistic fears,” said De Goeij. He emphasized the lack of solid data needed to make informed decisions, a concern underscored by the ongoing research commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security, set for evaluation at the end of the year.

The association highlighted the potential risks posed by the advertising ban, which could lead players to unwittingly patronize illegal and possibly criminal casinos. These establishments do not offer safeguards against gambling addiction, placing players at considerable risk. According to NOGA, the ban undermines the very goal of legalizing online gambling, which was to provide a safe and responsible environment for gamblers.

Currently, 90% of gamblers in the Netherlands use legal gambling services. However, NOGA has noted a troubling shift towards illegal providers, spurred by existing advertising restrictions across various media platforms. “A majority in the House of Representatives is taking an expensive gamble with the online players who now consciously choose the legal offer. If we later find that the politics were too hasty and made the wrong decisions, the Chamber is responsible for the negative consequences,” De Goeij warned.

Minister Weerwind is expected to update the House of Representatives soon on how he plans to handle the adopted motions, which include the proposed advertising ban and additional measures concerning high-risk gambling activities. Despite these motions, Minister Weerwind has advised against their implementation, a position that NOGA supports.

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“Minister Weerwind has kept a cool head so far. We are counting on the caretaker cabinet and the cabinet to be formed to continue this sensible line and never jeopardize the protection of the online players,” De Goeij concluded, expressing hope for a continued prudent approach to online gambling regulation.

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