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Person Dies After Falling Into Plane Engine At Schiphol Airport Amsterdam- Republic World



Person Dies After Falling Into Plane Engine At Schiphol Airport | Image:KLM

Amsterdam: A tragic accident occurred at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport when a person fell into the spinning turbine blades of a departing passenger jet, resulting in fatal injuries. The incident took place as a KLM flight was preparing for departure to Billund, Denmark.

The Dutch airline KLM confirmed the incident in a statement, saying, “An… incident took place at Schiphol today during which a person ended up in a running aircraft engine.” The plane, carrying up to 104 passengers, was scheduled to take off for Billund at 2:25 PM.

On Wednesday, Dutch media reported the incident, and the Dutch military police, Marechaussee, announced via Twitter that an investigation was underway. The investigation has not yet identified who the person was, a Marechaussee spokesperson told Reuters.

Following the incident, Dutch border police removed the passengers from the plane, and a thorough investigation was launched. The aircraft involved in the accident is a short-haul Embraer jet, which is part of KLM’s Cityhopper service that operates flights to nearby destinations, including London.

A photo posted by NOS public broadcaster showed the aircraft surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances near the departure terminals, illustrating the immediate response to the accident.

Schiphol Airport, known for its stringent safety and security measures, rarely experiences such accidents. The airport handled approximately 5.5 million passengers last month, highlighting its status as one of the busiest airports in Europe.

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