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Quincy Promes: Dutch soccer star convicted in absentia for drug trafficking is arrested in Dubai | CNN




Leading European soccer player Quincy Promes, who was convicted in absentia for drug smuggling last month in the Netherlands, has been arrested in Dubai at the request of Dutch prosecutors who are seeking his extradition, according to his lawyers.

Promes, who has played as forward with major European clubs Ajax and Sevilla and now Spartak Moscow, was convicted in absentia to six years in prison after Dutch prosecutors successfully argued he was central to a drug trafficking operation involved in smuggling some 1,360 kilograms of cocaine from Brazil to the Netherlands in 2020 in two separate incidents.

“The extradition procedure will now have to be completed in the United Arab Emirates,” said Promes’ Dutch lawyers in a statement on the company’s website.

“We would like to point out that an independent judge in Dubai will now decide on the Dutch extradition request.

“In general, extradition proceedings can take quite some time and involve many formal steps and requirements. This is also completely common in the Netherlands. The outcome and duration of the extradition procedure cannot be predicted at this time.”

The 32-year-old reportedly arrived in Dubai in January with Spartak Moscow to train during Russian soccer’s winter break.

CNN has contacted the Dubai Police, Spartak Moscow and Promes’ PR representative for comment.

Promes’ lawyers previously said he denied the drug trafficking charges against him, and would be appealing the six-year sentence. CNN has contacted Promes’ lawyers for comment on his arrest in Dubai.

Last year, Promes was also separately convicted in absentia for stabbing his cousin in the knee, Reuters reported, and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, according to prosecutors.

The Amsterdam Public Prosecution office confirmed in a statement Wednesday that “a 32-year-old man residing in Moscow has been arrested in Dubai,” noting that the arrest was made based on a Red Notice issued by the Netherlands.

Red Notices ask law enforcement organizations to find and then provisionally arrest a suspect.

“The arrested man was reportedly staying in luxury in Dubai according to various media reports. However, he has been taken into custody thanks to the efforts of the authorities in both countries,” the Amsterdam Public Prosecution office said in its statement.

“At this time, it is not possible to provide additional information to avoid disruption of the ongoing investigation,” added Dutch prosecutors.

Promes played 50 times for the Netherlands and, according to the respected website Transfermarkt, at one point in his career had a transfer value of $26 million.

“The Netherlands will formally request extradition. The legislation of the UAE determines the further extradition procedure,” Dutch prosecutors told CNN in a statement.

“Once the Netherlands has received notification that the UAE agrees to the extradition request, arrangements will be made for the actual transfer of the requested individual,” they added.

Promes’ contract with Spartak Moscow runs until the end of June 2024, according to Transfermarkt.

Previously the Russian club did not respond to CNN’s request for comment as to whether Spartak will continue to play Promes in matches or extend his contract.

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