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Zendaya Says She’s Potentially Open to Releasing New Music “One Day”



Zendaya isn’t shutting down the idea of potentially reviving her music career eventually.

The Challengers star made a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where she was asked about the music she has released in the past.

“I love music, and it’s something that’s been special to me,” Zendaya told host Jennifer Hudson. “I think being in the music industry, maybe it, it didn’t kill the joy of music, but it’s when you put music and business together. Sometimes it cannot feel so good.”

Zendaya released her debut self-titled album in 2013, which featured her hit single “Replay.” And while she has prioritized her acting career over music in recent years, she teased that when the “right timing” presents itself, she may release something again.

“You know, I think if the right timing and it came, because I like creating it for myself, but if there was a moment, maybe I would, you know, put out a little something,” the Euphoria actress said before reminding fans: “Don’t get crazy! We’ll see, but maybe one day.”

Though she hasn’t released any of her own music in the past several years, she has collaborated with other artists on tracks, including Labrinth, who scored the hit HBO show Euphoria.

Elsewhere in her interview with Hudson, Zendaya also spoke about her surprise appearance during Labrinth’s set at Coachella last year to perform renditions of “I’m Tired” and “All For Us.”

The Dune: Part Two star called the musician “so talented” and a “wonderful person,” but revealed that she initially turned down his offer to perform at the music festival. “He asked me if I wanted to come out and perform and immediately I was like ‘Oh, absolutely not.’ I was like, ‘I can’t do that,’” Zendaya recalled, noting that she had too much “stage fright.”

“I have bad memories of performing live when I was a kid,” she explained, but added that she eventually convinced herself to do it, saying she “can’t run from this forever.”

Coachella ended up marking Zendaya’s first live performance in more than seven years.

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