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Dutch holidaymakers invited to ‘step into shoes of brave ancestors’ at former slave colony



Travel company TUI  has apologised after offering Dutch tourists the chance to follow in the footsteps of their “brave ancestors” who enslaved people in the former colony of Suriname.

The Netherlands colonised the South American country in the 17th century, establishing a plantation economy driven by African slave labour and producing sugar. It gained independence in 1975.

The German company came under fire after the description of its Suriname tour was posted on social media.

“Step into the shoes of our brave ancestors and follow their tracks in green and adventurous Suriname,” it read before inviting holidaymakers to sample “the atmosphere of the plantations”.

It added: “You cannot escape Dutch influences in Suriname. Our colonial ancestors founded hundreds of plantations that determined the image of the Commewijne district.”

Tui has now changed the description because it did not fit with its goal of introducing “people to the beauty of Suriname, with respect for the country, its people, and history”.

“We read this message with our heads bowed deep in the dust,” TUI, which apologised “with embarrassment,” said.

“No doubt the copywriter did not mean it in a bad way, but we completely understand that it is hurtful and just stupid of us not to have noticed it.”

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