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King of Netherlands makes cruel Kate dig



This is the shocking moment the King of Netherlands makes a cruel photoshop dig at Princess Kate.

King Willem-Alexander, 56, met with members of the public and referenced the edited royal photo released last Sunday, The Sun reports.

The recovering princess, 42, admitted to slightly altering the Mother’s Day picture, calling it an “experiment” by a budding amateur photographer.

However, King Willem seemingly hasn’t let the issue go and he made a joke when speaking to a group of children in Zutphen, Netherlands.

Footage shows the royal — who has been on the throne for over a decade — talking to a young girl in Dutch.

“I have a photo of your whole family,” she tells him.

To which Willem is alleged to have responded, “Really? At least I didn’t photoshop it.”

A chorus of laughs then rings around the group, including from Willem, as they all chuckle at the joke.

Other people have translated the comment as, “Really? That was not photoshopped, apparently!”

The Princess of Wales has spent the last few weeks recovering from abdominal surgery and facing vicious rumours over her health and relationship to Prince William.

She was last seen on public duty on Christmas Day before going to the London Clinic for surgery.

The Palace insists she is doing well and not expected back to public duty until April.

The King’s comment comes as a surprise to some as the Dutch royal family is believed to be on good terms with their British counterparts.

Kate and Willem were even pictured together back in 2016 at The Hague.

King Willem and Queen Máxima were also spotted at King Charles III’s coronation ceremony last year.

Photoshop drama

A photo of Kate with children Charlotte, George and Louis sparked worldwide drama for a set of unfortunate editing errors.

Many people noticed that some parts of the image looked edited, which led news agencies to order a “kill notice” on the snap.

But the Princess later released a statement regarding the photo and calming down online theories.

“Like many amateur photographers I do occasionally experiment with editing,” she wrote.

“I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.

“I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day.”

The Princess was subjected to heavy social media criticism which led to the apology.

She is believed to have altered the photo three times on a computer before it was released publicly.

“It is ridiculous and deeply unfair when she is trying to recover from major surgery,” royal author Ingrid Seward said.

“She has been posing for pictures all her royal life so just give her break.”

The palace said it would not be reissuing the original unedited photograph of Kate and her children.

It comes despite calls for them to post the undoctored snap to help quash conspiracy theories about the status of Kate’s health.

The Palace had said the photo was snapped by Prince William last week, and was the first time Kate had posted online in months.

Kate and Wills were snapped leaving Windsor Castle in a black Land Rover – just hours after Kate admitted altering the cute picture.

Kate gazed out of her back seat window and appeared to have her hair tied back in a bun as William looked at his phone.

The princess was pictured for the first time since her abdominal surgery on March 4, when she was in the passenger seat of a car with her mum Carole.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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