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Liverpool news: Dutch journalist on Arne Slot



Dutch journalist Marcel van der Kraan joined the Football Daily Podcast to discuss what Feyenoord manager Arne Slot could bring to Liverpool should he be given the job this summer.

The Reds are in talks to appoint the Dutchman as a replacement for Jurgen Klopp, who will depart at the end of the season.

Slot led Feyenoord to the 2022-23 Eredivisie title and this season they have won the Dutch Cup and are second in the league.

So will they let him go?

“Feyenoord understand they can no longer stand in his way of leaving,” said Van der Kraan. “But they want some form of compensation because it is the best manager they have had in many years.

“This man has brought such entertaining, almost sexy, football to the Dutch league. He is a manager that Liverpool fans can look forward too and I am just hoping that he can make it through the high level of expectation.

“I really want this manager to make an impact because too many Dutch managers have not had the grip of Premier League football. Being brilliant in Holland is great for Dutch fans, and yes we like to play in football, but to be a real success in England you have to really step it up.

“I just wish Arne Slot had experienced English football as a player because those that have seem to understand the intensity better.”

Although unproven in the Premier League, Van der Kraan believes he has the key attributes to succeed in England.

“Liverpool fans should be confident because Slot does not lack any confidence and he will play the way he wants,” he said. “He has a super attacking style and it is very similar to that of Pep Guardiola.

“He will not adapt against any opposition. Slot is like Guardiola and it is attack, attack, attack. He demands so much from his players.”

“He has a personality where he knows he can carry a club because he has done that with smaller clubs and Feyenoord.

“He is charismatic and if Liverpool have done their homework and studied him, then they will know he is so similar to Klopp. He is full of energy and that is good for the Liverpool team because the players will not see much difference.”

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